Title: The 3 C's of Sales Compensation: Calculation, Cost Control, and Compliance
Wednesday, August 3rd
2:00 PM ET
Featured Speaker:
Mark Smith, Ventana Research

Organizations continue to leverage incentive compensation to ensure the alignment of revenue targets, financial plans and operational objectives within sales and other operational areas as part of their Performance Management efforts. Unfortunately, the process and systems used to support this practice have not been streamlined. In fact, operational planning and execution of incentive programs paid out by finance have yet to be automated efficiently, particularly in the case of sales compensation.

In this webcast, we will review the background and requirements to effectively managing incentive compensation, including automating the end-to-end incentive compensation process, ensuring cost control, and meeting financial regulatory obligations required for your compliance review.

We'll also examine how organizations can leverage sales incentive compensation as an effective business performance tool to drive increased revenues and profitability.

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