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'sHappenin' News Update from BXOS !nteractive! | BijaXOuS suPpleMente

recent good news + good vibes from BXOS !nteractive! and BijaXOuS suPpleMente

Beware the Haberdash | Shows and News

Get the latest news and show information for Beware the Haberdash { acoustic claustrophilia } and other Haberdash-related communications from XeXeX | Oblivion.

SiNuS BRaDy | OEE News + Updates

Sign up for this mailing list to receive updates and news about SiNuS BRaDy and the recent progress to stop SPAM at Operation Enduring Email. SiNuS BRaDy appears in the Greater New England area to perform and lecture on internet privacy, current trends in the eMarketplace, network exploits, unidentified flying objects and the Secret Society of Dolphin Language Pathology. He is a well-respected poet, performance artist and technologist currently residing in Bedford, Masachusetts.

The Salem Poetry Happening @ The Cornerstone Bookstore

News & updates for the monthly 'Salem Happening @ The Cornerstone Bookstore' in Salem, Massachusetts. Poetry, spokenword, music, sound, video, peformance ... come check it out ... aight?

XO mailing list | OBLiViONNews

recording and live performance updates from XeXeX | OBLiViON

{ ::: radio pü ::: neo-dada live radio update ::: }

Sign up right here for updates on Radio Pü or any of the Pu Players [ rosS Hamlin, Lee Todd Lacks, Ethan Mackler, Deb Mascara, Ned Armsby, Matt Graber, SiNuS BRaDy and Vashti too ]. Neo-dada live radio theatre with a twist of satire. Purple Nurples for everyone. All in, we gonna win.


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